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Where are you now?


How Will You Develop?


How Will You Sustain Impact?


What Will You Do Next?

Stage 2: How Will You Develop?

Progress planning: constructing/contracting the development journey


Self-Assessment Questions:

  • What exactly is an appropriate development journey?
  • How can you ensure it looks back from the future and up from the bottom?
  • How can you start with the end in mind?
  • What barriers should we anticipate?
  • How will you resource the development?
  • How can you ensure all relevant people are involved?
  • Who is involved in contracting the development agreement?
  • How can you engage accountability between yourselves for this change?
  • What kind of learning occurs now?
  • How can you all increase your rate of learning?
  • How can you use Web 2.0 to sustain, lengthen and deepen learning?
  • What needs to occur to ensure greater organisational learning?
  • How can you create a bias to action quickly?


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