If individuals or teams in your organisation experience the following:

  • Are stuck about new ways forward
  • Seem to have limited choice when facing new challenges
  • Have limited pathways to a better futures
  • Seem unwilling to have challenging conversations about change
  • Have little career planning
  • Things hardly improve however hard you try (effort and yield)
  • Have limited learning orientation
  • There seems a gap between improvement thinking and improvement action
  • Staff perceive more 'stops them than empowers them'
  • However much is invested in training, there seems little improvement
  • Managers feel their repertoire to meet challenges is inadequate
  • The best people always seem to leave

Or a unique mix of these

These are developed with customers based on a detailed needs analysis, (How We Work With You) for individuals groups, teams, organisations, and also for consultants.

  • Open avenues that were closed
  • Find 'doors' in walls
  • Create broader, more challenging choices
  • Accelerate their learning
  • Get to their preferred place faster
  • Develop greater leadership
  • Have challenging conversations more confidently
  • Develop more assertive group behaviour
  • Lead change with confidence
  • Manage upwards effectively
  • Develop adult to adult behaviour
  • Transform defensive routines
  • Coaching for consultants

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Providing coaching to enable individuals, teams and organisations to lead change for sustainable high performance

Coaching for Individuals Coaching for Teams Coaching for Organisations






We use methods which:

  • Recognise the resourcefulness and independence of the client
  • Are solution-focussed

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