If your organisation experiences:

  • A lack of energy, or systems, to develop new ideas
  • 'Trapped thinking' where new ideas get nowhere
  • Habits or inertia blocking new approaches
  • Failure of previous 'innovation' attempts to improve performance
  • Apprehension about being 'creative' or 'innovative'
  • Innovation seen as an 'add on' rather than an integral part of work

Or a unique mix of these

These are developed with customers based on a detailed needs analysis, (How We Work With You) and can occur in a range of forums: facilitated workshops, supported self managing groups, action learning sets, or negotiated forums

  • Building innovative confidence
  • Managing Innovation system
  • Embedding creative problem solving techniques
  • Developing a more creative climate
  • Idea growing forums
  • Creating an 'orderly pipeline' between improvement ideas and improved practice
  • Building an enlarged 'toolkit' for tackling current and future challenges
  • Developing intrapreneurs and internal consultants
  • i2i: ideas into impact


Developing Innovation

Services to enable individuals, teams and organisations to develop innovation capability



Use these ideas to change change in your company

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